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National Academies meeting: "Informing Environmental Health Decisions Through Data Integration"

David Reif was a moderator and member of the planning committee for the National Academy of Sciences workshop "Informing Environmental Health Decisions Through Data Integration". 

The workshop brought together thought leaders from diverse fields to explore the promise and potential pitfalls of e…

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Population genetic diversity in zebrafish lines (2018) Mammalian Genome

Balik-Meisner M, Truong L, Scholl EH, Tanguay RL, Reif DM. Population genetic 
diversity in zebrafish lines. Mamm Genome. 2018 Jan 24. doi:
10.1007/s00335-018-9735-x. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 29368091.





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Reif presents SOT webinar "How to Present a Code-Based Course to Students with No Previous Coding Experience"

David Reif presented as part of a webinar organized by the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Undergraduate Educator Network. 

More details can be found here, under the title "Don’t Sweat It…Three Dry Labs for Undergraduate Toxicology Programs":


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Flash Report: SEAZIT Ontologies Workshop

A report on the SEAZIT (Systematic Evaluation of the Application of Zebrafish in Toxicology) Ontologies Workshop has been published:


Reif serves as Working Group member for the World Health Organization's (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) monograph on Benzene

David Reif was a member of the Working Group that drew experts from around the world to a meeting in Lyon, France in order to evaluate the carcinogenicity of Benzene. 

Summaries of the final evaluations are available in the Lancet Oncology article. The detailed assessments will be published as …

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Reif presents at Environmental Mutagenesis & Genomics Society

David presented a seminar at the annual meeting of the Environmental Mutagenesis & Genomics Society (EMGS), entitled: "Gene-Environment Interactions Associated with Differential Susceptibility to Chemical Exposure".

Michele Balik-Meisner successfully defends her PhD!

Michele Balik-Meisner successfully defended her doctoral dissertation, entitled "Gene-by-Environment Interactions Associated with Inter-Individual Variation in Response to Chemical Exposure".  

Michele will continue her research as a Bioinformaticist at Sciome


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Use of high-throughput in vitro toxicity screening data in cancer hazard evaluations by IARC Monograph Working Groups (2017) ALTEX

Reif presents at OpenTox conference

David Reif presented at the 2017 OpenTox USA meeting. Thanks to Barry Hardy and Noffisat Oki for the invitation to speak! 

His seminar was entitled "Implications of Population Genetic Diversity for Safety Assessment."  

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Transgenerational inheritance of neurobehavioral and physiological deficits from developmental exposure to benzo [a] pyrene in zebrafish (2017) Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology

Knecht AL, Truong L, Marvel SW, Reif DM, Garcia A, Lu C, Simonich MT,
Teeguarden JG, Tanguay RL. Transgenerational inheritance of neurobehavioral and
physiological deficits from developmental exposure to benzo[a]pyrene in
zebrafish. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2017 Jun 3;329:148-157. doi:

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Reif presents at International Neurotoxicology Association meeting in Brazil

David Reif presented at the joint meeting of the International Neurotoxicology Association & Neurotoxicity Society in Florianopolis, Brazil. 

The seminar was entitled "Developing an Integrated Testing Strategy: Analytical methods to distill useful information from high-throughput screening of ch…

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Reif, Kosnik, and Hoppin present at the University of Wollongong, Australia

David Reif, Marissa Kosnik, and Jane Hoppin traveled to Australia to present and collaborate with researchers at the University of Wollongong. The trip was sponsored by a grant from the University Global Partnership Network (UGPN). Our hosts were Thomas Astell-Burt and Xiaoqi Feng, who direct the Po…

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An introduction to terminology and methodology of chemical synergy -perspectives from across disciplines (2017) Frontiers in Pharmacology

Reif presents at ToxForum annual meeting

David Reif presented an invited talk at the 41st Annual ToxForum Winter Meeting in Washington, DC.

The talk, "Integrating Multiple Sources of High-Dimensional Data to Quantify Effects of Genetic Variability in Chemical Risk Assessment", was part of a session moderated by Julia Rager & Reza Rasoulpo…

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Integrating Morphological and Behavioral Phenotypes in Developing Zebrafish

Zhang G., Truong L., Tanguay R.L., Reif D.M. (2017) Integrating Morphological and Behavioral Phenotypes in Developing Zebrafish. In: Kalueff A. (eds) The rights and wrongs of zebrafish: Behavioral phenotyping of zebrafish. Springer, Cham.



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Incorporating ToxCast and Tox21 datasets to rank biological activity of chemicals at Superfund sites in North Carolina (2017) Environment International

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Reif presents in Systematic Evaluation of the Application of Zebrafish in Toxicology (SEAZIT) series

David Reif presented as part of the ongoing Systematic Evaluation of the Application of Zebrafish in Toxicology (SEAZIT) webinar series. 

The Proximity Principle

Christy Sadler and colleagues have written a new multimedia article about the Bioinformatics "cluster" at NC State University.


The term "cluster" is shorthand for the cluster hiring program known as the Chancellor's Faculty Excellence Prog…

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A New Statistical Approach to Characterize Chemical-Elicited Behavioral Effects in High-Throughput Studies Using Zebrafish (2017) PLoS One

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Evolutionary and Functional Diversification of the Vitamin D Receptor-Lithocholic Acid Partnership (2016) PLoS One

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