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Introduction to R, Biostatistics (NYU Abu Dhabi's Winter Institute in Statistical Genetics)(Short Course)Spring 2019
Computational Environmental Sciences and ToxicologyBIO592Spring 2019
Introductory BioinformaticsGN427Spring 2014; Fall 2014/15/16/17/18
Introduction to R: Practical Bioinformatics(Short Course)Summer 2015/16
Introduction to Computational Toxicology(Short Course)Summer 2016
Statistical Genetics Practicum ST489; ST498  2010-11; 2011-12
Introduction to R ST610  Spring 2008/10

Guest Lectures

Responsible Conduct in ScienceGN850/TOX820Fall 2016/17/18
Advanced Toxicology
(UNC Chapel Hill)
TOXC/ENVR707Spring 2015/16
Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology
(UNC Chapel Hill)
TOXC/ENVR442Fall 2015/16/17
Principles of ToxicologyTOX710Spring 2015/16/17/18